Want To Develop A World-class Inside Sales Team To Close More Business?  

Friction In Your Sales Process Bogging You Down?

Need Inside Sales Training Or A Sales Process For Yourself Or Your Team?

I work with new SaaS Startups, small
B2B professional service providers and B2B consultants only

About Founder,  Floyd Orr

My Process

A simple, proven system that works.

Step 1

Let's have a consultation to learn about what's going on in your small startup's sales process and see what would solve the issues you are having.

 Using principles of Scrum and Kaizen I personally build sales strategies customized to your business needs by testing, and problem-solving. I do live calls, cold emails, test out the strategy on real customers, discover, research, and make sure it is solid before passing your playbook on to you, your future or existing inside sales team.

This is the best way for your startup to flourish, which is to have a system to catch fish, skin fish,  feed people and make it easy for others to come in and process the fish for you so can get out of the world of implementation and just live in the world of communication and doing the fun stuff like giving talks and making partnerships.

I also provide consulting and coaching with: High-ticket Sales Closing | Appointment Setting | Sales Systems | Cold Email | Sales Process | Campaign Testing | Sales Mystery Shopping | Sales Performance | Cold Calling | Team Coaching | Sales Enablement.

Step 2:

 Fill out the intake form. Answering the questions in the intake form will help me to understand your ideal client better. Sit down, think about the answers and answer the questions or shoot a video talking through them using something like Vidyard if it makes it easier and paste the link in the form.

We will talk about your answers then I  will send you an invoice and after you pay, I  get started and will be the best decision you have made in a long time God willing.

Step 3

I'll start by analyzing your current processes from the inside out.

I make note of issues that are of most importance to your business and attack them one by one. I'll work for you hands on using an agile scrum methodology. I'll hand you a tested playbook you can start using immediately or help you hire the talent to implement it for you.


What our customers write about us

Mario Nawfal, Owner


"Great collaboration! Starting a new contract !"


Lisa Lefebvre, Owner


"Floyd was EXCELLENT at making business development calls for us. Not only is he professional and responsible, but he is very creative in handling objections. I highly recommend Floyd for any type of position."


Gary Fatakhov, CO-Founder


"Excellent professional, closed many meetings. The first meeting was after 2 days. Very sharp and fast, creative and professional."


Micheal P, Thumbtack, Channel Manager


"Floyd is a tenacious salesman and was eager and enthusiastic to try all new techniques. He was committed to the success of the program and put 100%+ effort behind it. He performed well above the other freelancers we had working on the project. I admire his dedication to sales and his constant effort to improve his work product and his skillset. ---------------- It is a shame that our program ended because I would have loved to keep Floyd on. I will continue to look for opportunities to hire Floyd in the future. Best of luck Floyd and thank you for all of your work!!" 



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