About Floyd Orr

I'll never forget one of my first full-time inside sales jobs. I was selling Dish Network cable around the year 2006. One day the owner of the company comes in and says "whoever doesn't have the book Mastering The Art Of Sales By Tom Hopkins on your desk by Monday is fired"!

Since then, I read the books, taken the classes, practiced, drilled, and rehearsed the art of sales, so I can stay sharp.

My background in life coaching and counseling where I helped professionals and college students overcome life's biggest challenges has taught me to be curious about the study and transformation of people. That thirst for knowledge led me to self-learn full-stack web application development, marketing, and psychology to be steps ahead of the competition.

The point is, that I know how to solve sales problems, help startups succeed, and develop people to be more valuable and happier.

That knowledge has served me well, setting up the sales processes and systems for startups, being the first productive sales hire and sales strategist for tech startups like Siemplfy, making quota at Constant Contact, and managing the sales team at places like Kat The Course Builder and using inbound and outbound selling strategies in my own ventures over the years.

I have closed 6 figure deals and am ready to remove friction from your sales system using modern techniques and develop your team!

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