I'm Floyd Orr A Local Residential Service Liaison, Matching You With The Right Service Provider At The Right Price

I help local Santa Fe New Mexico & Las Vegas New Mexico residents find the home repair services and local professional services they need without wasting time with the wrong provider by gathering their requirements and matching them with the right local  provider at the right price. Less sales games and a better experience for you


🔥 Who I WORK WITH: I residents and service providers and match them together

💛 WHY IT WORKS: When you partner with Floyd Orr .com you get the most efficient, effective, and affordable inside sales consulting, marketing funnel & hands-on help that SaaS, coaching & marketing companies are looking for right now.

📣 WHAT MAKES Me DIFFERENT: I don't just talk and advise, I'll roll up my sleeves and use my 20 years of experience to help you skill up so your company can be a sales machine.

💲 WHAT OTHERS SAY: "Excellent professional, closed many meetings. The first meeting was after 2 days. Very sharp and fast, creative and professional." -Gary Fatakhov, Co-Founder Siemplify.com || "Great collaboration! Starting a new contract !", Mario Nawfal, Owner ibcgroup.io

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Why Sales Performance Coaching?

Companies that have a dynamic sales coaching programs tend to average at least 28% higher win rates than others without a program and much less turnover (CSO Insights)

What are you doing daily to help your sales team deal with bad days, skill gaps, and mindset challenges? Selling to one's fullest potential is impossible when sad, stressed or confused.

Management (tell, teach, track, and terminate) with not enough coaching leads to sadness, stress, turnover, and lost deals.

Managers are just too busy to coach individual salespeople for more than a few hours a week, not to mention call review coaching which helps your team to make more money. This is a huge problem causing your win rate to be lower than it should be.

I agree with the CSO Insights research report that the best system of management is dynamic coaching which is coaching that is based on your sales process so your salespeople can execute those skills and are effective in each part of the process. For dynamic coaching to work you must understand systems and processes.

Most sales organizations do pipeline reviews and basic coaching but not enough:
mindset coaching confidence
building role-playing
productive accountability
team buy-in to have a culture of continuous self-improvement
call review coaching
win/loss motivation reviews
skill coaching
cooperation with goal setting
reduction of sales friction
personal development

Too little personal development = lost sales & turnover. Period! Cracking the whip can only get you so far.

Not only have I been blessed to work in companies that do inside sales performance training correctly I have been professionally trained on how to do it the right way.

Book a call and let's have a consultation to learn about what's going on with your company's sales process and with your team to see what would solve the issues you are having.

Sales Team Building & Coaching

Good teams support people to win, have mutual respect, accountability, and good processes. 

Sales Training

If you are a solopreneur having a hard time closing the sale or you need help with mastering cold calling this is for you.

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Sales Performance Coaching

"Good management isn't just going over the sales pipeline and cracking the whip. No wonder there's so much turnover! It's taking the time to learn about the individual strengths, needs, and desires of every salesperson on the team and developing them to be better in every way than they were last week. This is based on trust, co-cooperation and team buy-in, the result is a happier, more profitable culture" - Floyd Orr

Sales Cold Outreach

"Outbound sales/cold calling is all about voice tone, reducing pressure and being intrested not interesting. Remember to keep your cold email short, and beneficial to your prospects. Closing is about commitment, questions & consulting. " - Floyd Orr

Sales Team Building

"I'm always amazed when founders want a world-class sales team but rig up the sales process; it never works" -Floyd Orr


What our customers write about us

Mario Nawfal, Owner


"Great collaboration! Starting a new contract !"


Lisa Lefebvre, Owner


"Floyd was EXCELLENT at making business development calls for us. Not only is he professional and responsible, but he is very creative in handling objections. I highly recommend Floyd for any type of position."


Gary Fatakhov, CO-Founder


"Excellent professional, closed many meetings. The first meeting was after 2 days. Very sharp and fast, creative and professional."


Micheal P, Thumbtack, Channel Manager


"Floyd is a tenacious salesman and was eager and enthusiastic to try all new techniques. He was committed to the success of the program and put 100%+ effort behind it. He performed well above the other freelancers we had working on the project. I admire his dedication to sales and his constant effort to improve his work product and his skillset. ---------------- It is a shame that our program ended because I would have loved to keep Floyd on. I will continue to look for opportunities to hire Floyd in the future. Best of luck Floyd and thank you for all of your work!!" 


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