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I'm the team lead on a few teams. Right now I'm looking for :

1. An US-based, American, SDR, who can also close every once in a while, but the main job is social media outreach and appointment setting. You get $500 a month to start and 10% - 15% on closed deals. Packages are from $1800 -$10,000 with a company that is selling packages, has customers but needs more sales, and has good systems in place. This is a cool company that has been around for 1 year, is run by a good guy, and sells tools for coaches to get to the next level (A-Z webinar creation for coaches, running of the marketing funnel, and other services like high-quality social media video services and content creation for coaches). Mainly this is the health and business coach niche.

2. An African American female  SDR for a niche product specific to professional  African American women. Has a base of $500 a month and 10 %-15% commission on closed deals. These are solon owners who want to grow their existing business. Packages range from $3 -$15k, and the owner is well known and respected in the space.

3. An African American female high ticket closer for a niche product specific to professional  African American Women.  Has a base of $500 a month and 10 %-15% commission on closed deals. These are solon owners who want to grow their existing business and the coaching packages help them with that. Packages range from $3 -$15k, the owner is well known and respected in the space.

5. (Not finalized yet) A marketing company that pays a  monthly retainer for 2k, and 10% -$15% of marketing packages that range from 5k - 20k. 

6. (not finalized yet) A successful but one-man show who runs a marketing agency. Will get more info at our upcoming meeting.

****************Contest Rules & Details For High Ticket Closers & SDRs ************************
You got this! Test yourself, stretch and grow!  Practice, drill and rehearse the art of sales with the prize of winning a job.

Scenario: I'm going to play the role of a semi-successful health coach, sell me a high-ticket service a health coach would want. Use your real information to reach out to me, and real phone numbers and emails, and present yourself at all times as you would with a real prospect. Stay in sales mode, there is no game off.

Sell me a 10k offer. It can be anything B2B for example, Instagram makeover, sales funnel, sales closer service, complete sales team service, webinar creation, or PPC campaign. I don't expect you to take a lot of time trying to put together a perfect offer. 

1. 6/25/22 On my Instagram account, try to get me to book an appointment with you. You're only allowed to write a total of 11 responses if you need that many.

2. Then on 6/25/2022, send me 3 cold emails to try to get me on a phone call with you. Just send 3 emails one after the other. This is to simulate the day 1, day 2, and day 8 sequence. Make one email a video email with you on-screen talking to me trying to get me to set an appointment with you. I won't be responding to the emails so please just send them.

5. On 6/26/22, call me on the phone and set an appointment with you for  6/27/22, or 6/28/2022 so you can close me. Make it like this is the first time you are reaching out to me like you didn't send any emails or reach out to me on social media.

6. 6/27/22 or 6/28/22 at the appointment time close me on your service. The call is 45 minutes, max.

7. At the end of the contest please don't ask how you did. I'll reach out to the people who seem to be a good fit for what we need right now. I will reach out to the others who participated in the future God willing.  As long as you learned something, you didn't lose. 

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